Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes by Stefania Shaffer

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Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

This is the realistic fictional story of school girl, Vandra Zandinski, who discovers the most memorable lessons learned in the classroom might not have anything to do with school at all.

As an underdog in life, Vandra worries about everything, especially her teachers. Each year is filled with surprises in this coming-of-age story spanning all grade levels. After a short unforgiving stint with the nuns in pre-school, to the compassion she receives from her fifth grade teacher after her secret is exposed, readers will root for our protagonist after discovering there is a little bit of Vandra in all of us.

Some of Vandra’s few shining moments come when one teacher appoints her class secretary for her organizational skills, and another assigns her editor-in-chief of the school newspaper for her budding writing ability, but her math teacher has her scared to death. When a bully in middle school makes Vandra’s life even more miserable, unexpected help is received from the Vice-Principal, who isn’t so useless after all.

The story of this student captures crabby teachers, chaotic family dynamics, and spares no mercy with the trauma of a burned prom dress. Funny and engaging, Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes is a tale that unfolds the secrets of life chapter by chapter. As Vandra comes to learn, there are teachers, and then there are those who leave an impression on your life through unforgettable lessons, the extraordinary teachers— the heroes.

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