Dear Readers,

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Random questions for Ms. Shaffer…

1) Do you have any pets? I have a puppy dog who thinks he’s a real boy, does that count? His older sister is a cat without a tail.

2) Do you have any hobbies? I bake. The boys in my family are hoping I will  open a dessert truck someday!

3) What is your favorite chore? It has always been vacuuming. The zig-zag pattern in the rug makes me happy.

4) What can you bake? Any kind of cookie, plus tiramisu, black-bottom pecan pie, cheesecake, and the oft requested bread pudding!

5) What grade did you teach? I taught 7th grade English Language Arts and electives to both 7th and 8th graders. FUN!

6) What was your favorite elective class? I love Improv. Putting on a British accent is hysterical when we’re all doing it!

7) What were you like as a kid? In elementary, learning to read was hard. Multiplication tables were harder. Writing stories was the best:-)

8) Where do you get your story ideas? My 3rd grade teacher encouraged my imagination. I observe people. Then I make up lives for them.

9) Do your students like your books? I have had loads of students tell me their lives are just like Vandra’s in Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes. That makes me feel pretty good—especially when boys say she’s just like them but she’s not a dude.

10) What’s your perfect Saturday? I love to work on Saturdays:-) But, if I wasn’t writing, I’d go to yoga, bake a blackberry pie, read a classic novel and take a nap in the sun on my lounge chair.