Dear Readers, Thank You

Dear Readers, How Do I Say Thank You? There are still only two, teeny, tiny words that we use to convey even the biggest, most monolithic proportions of gratitude. Thank you. These simple syllables seem so mild in their meaning because of their overuse. Thank you for taking out the garbage. Thank you for picking up the dog doo. Thank you for not closing that door on me, Sir.  However, even for medium-sized appreciation, they are the best that we can do. Oh, thank you, your wedding gift is much … [Read More...]

Why Do Teachers Love Bill and Melinda Gates?

Nobody Knows How to Appreciate Teachers Like Gates Ed Foundation I have just returned from one of the most exceptional conferences I've ever attended where I delivered the closing keynote to nearly 500 educators. My message was meant to inspire new and veteran teachers alike, with a reminder that "for that one kid, you might be the single best part of their day." If you have 15-minutes and 1 hanky, it's worth sharing and bears repeating, "On the path to success, there is always a teacher to … [Read More...]

The Bully Teacher

The Bully Your Child Meets Might Not Be in the Hallways: Recognizing the Bully Teacher. It is sad to say, but bullies do exist in the classroom, and not only peer to peer, but from teacher to student. It does not happen a lot, but I believe it exists on every campus. I have seen the bully teacher in full swing first hand, and I always have the same reaction: tears in my eyes, shame for not being able to do more to make it stop. The first time I saw a child ripped to shreds by a teacher, I was … [Read More...]

Learning Something New Is Hard At Any Age

Need More Empathy For Your Student's Learning? Take This Month To Learn Something Challenging Yourself. It began as my administrator's clever idea to help staff members gain more empathy for students while we would learn what a typical day felt like to them. Several of us in this experiment arrived at school almost giddy that we had substitutes covering our own classes, a little sad for those who wouldn't get to participate in the pushing and shoving through hallways. After checking in at the … [Read More...]

How To Tell When Your Best Friend Is A Bad Friend

What adults can learn from middle school, the Top 5 signs your friend is not a friend worth keeping. Why does your neck stiffen when you hang up the phone with a best friend? Start paying attention to the warning signs of a true bad friend. For years, there was a familiar voice replaying in my head every time I got off the phone with one of my best friends. It was not my own that I heard because I had not found my words yet to describe this feeling I was having. The voice was not my mother's … [Read More...]